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Purity Home products provides Air filters for Various uses. Like Home Furnaces / AC Systems, Window Air Conditioner Air Filters, Filters for Registers and Vents or Electronic Air Cleaners.

We also provide Filter Grilles for Registers/Vents/Cold Air Returns.

Our Filters come in various sizes and types.

Space Saver Model

Trim to Fit Model

Or you may order your own custom size



         When installed…                                      
After 60 days - this used to be in my house!!!



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Why Buy?:
Purity High performance Air Filters for registers/vents/air intakes.

1.      Reduces Household odors.

2.      Helps maintain cleaner/healthier indoor environment by reducing dust, lint, Pollen, animal dander and other pollutants.

3.      Easy to install.

4.      Effectively controls the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria in the filter media. Substantially reduces pollen levels.

5.      Keeps pollutants and dirt away from air ducts and recirculation.

6.      Activated carbon reduces smoke particles, cooking odors, pet odors and vapors from volatile organic compounds generated by common household chemicals and building materials.


Quality Performance:

Purity Air Filter is one of the best disposable filters on the market today. Purity offers better features than more expensive, permanent, electrostatic filters. The carbon backed Purity filter, introduced in the 1980's offers the customer a better value. Activated carbon is known and scientifically tested as a natural adsorbent of toxic gases, biological agents, and toxic VOC's from the air. Activated carbon is used in water purification, sewage treatment, chemical and nuclear waste disposal, and in protective garments by the defense establishments. Independent test  results have shown that Purity Air Filter removed 99% of the ragweed and 97% of the nettle pollen, the most common allergens in North America, in laboratory tests.

The Performance of Purity Air Filter is further substantiated by the unsolicited comments from satisfied customers suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses. The Quality and Performance of Purity Air Filters over the last decade has generated strong customer interest and loyalty.

Why Purity Air Filters Work Better:

The Purity Air Filter was designed by experts with over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing High Efficiency Air Filters.
The following features set it apart from other furnace filters.

1.      An internal wire frame keeps the filter rigid in the filter track (not in Trim-to-Fit model).

2.      The unique design and the excess media at the edges help form a self-seal around the filter. This prevents unfiltered air from bypassing the filter and recirculate in your home.

3.      The filter media is 100% polyester and consists of different layers of varying sizes. The first stage is the layer with open fibers that catches larger particles such as hair, lint, etc.

4.      The second stage is the finer layer of fibers designed to catch micron-sized particles.

5.      The third stage is a special sticky adhesive that holds the micron-sized pollutants and dust particles and anti-microbial that destroys the germs on the media and reducing their levels in your home through circulation.

6.      The fourth stage is the layer of activated carbon, which adsorbs odors and vapors from Volatile Organic Compounds found in common household chemicals and building materials, thus improving indoor air quality.

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